We will be applying MagChloride Tuesday, June 3, and Wednesday, June 4th. Please limit use these days as the MagChloride needs at least 24 hrs. to cure.

Snow Gates
The upper and lower snow gates on Juniper Drive and the gate on Birch Creek Drives will be closed during winter months for the safety of the members and to protect the roads from damage. When the gates are closed, only over-the-snow vehicles will be allowed access. Over-the-snow vehicles are defined as tracked vehicles designed for use in the snow, i.e., snowmobiles, snowcats and ATVs with snow tracks. Tire chains do not qualify a vehicle for over-the-snow access.

At the side of all of the gates there is access for narrow snow vehicles. Those whose over-the-snow vehicles are too wide for that access need to go to the SMR office to check out a gate key. There is a $10.00 key deposit that will be refunded when the key is returned. The member is responsible to see that the gate is closed and locked immediately after passing through the gate.

Storage and Parking
Snow vehicles and ATVs may be stored at the base of the mountain for $10/month. Snowcat owners may purchase a parking permit for the upper snow gate parking areas to eliminate track-on-road damage. To obtain an extended-time parking permit, reserve a snowcat parking space or inquire about SMR storage facilities, contact the SMR Office at 435-427-9590.

Snow vehicles and trailers left in the snow gate parking areas for multiple days without prior Office approval will be towed at owners' expense.

Road Maintenance
No member, contractor, or any other person shall have the right to perform any road maintenance on the SMR roads without prior permission from the Board of Trustees or Management. This includes plowing any snow during the winter months. No upper roads are to be plowed and the Board of Trustees or Management will arrange to have the roads in the full time area plowed by a contractor. Upper roads may be groomed with a snow groomer as determined by the Board of Trustees or Management.